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SoftSound Helps City of Ottawa Avoid Major Road Closures

SoftSound hwy 417 Design Concrete

Using SoftSound™ sound wall, the Ministry of Transportation achieves its goal of quickly replacing an aging highway sound barrier. When the existing noise barriers on Highway 417 in Ottawa began to show their age, The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) installed 15,000 square feet of absorptive sound wall containing SoftSoundTM to replace the aging structures. Made with superior sound absorptive technology, the precast wall was installed as part of a larger, highway widening and rehabilitation project.



SoftSound Absortive Sound Wall Steals The Show in Ontario

SoftSound hyde park Design Concrete

Featuring superior sound absorptive technology and unsurpassed quality, 45,00 square feet of SoftSound is installed on a year-long road widening project.



Groundswell of state approvals for SoftSound sound absorptive wall product continues to build


Ohio becomes the most recent state to approve the use of SoftSound™ absorptive noise wall panels on highways and roads.

SoftSound™, Easi-Set Worldwide’s sound-absorptive, noise wall product, is gaining both state and provincial approvals as the product becomes more widely known for its unique qualities and ease of use.



SoftSound creates a quieter, more peaceful environment for Washington, DC area residents.


Currently being installed on the Dulles International Airport Connector Road, ground-mounted sound walls incorporate a sound-absorptive finish that is manufactured to the industry’s highest quality standards.   

This summer, a 4-mile stretch of the Dulles Connector Road will become the first phase of a larger project to include absorptive sound wall containing SoftSound, a superior sound absorptive technology. Managed by the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Transportation, this highway serves a 16-mile corridor between Route I-66 in Falls Church, Virginia and the Dulles International Airport.


SoftSound passes Salt Scaling Test

SoftSound-salt-test-50-cyclesMany U.S. states and Canadian provinces require the performance of a salt scaling test as one of the condidtions for approval of a sound-absorptive product. This test, ASTM C672 or CSA A23.2, is performed to determine the resistance of concrete exposed to freeze-thaw cycles in the presence of various de-icing road salts. When applied to a porous material, such as SoftSound, samples are submerged in a salt solution and subjected to 50 freeze-thaw cycles, after which a visual evaluation of deterioration is made and loose particles are weighed. This is a particularly demanding test for porous materials as the full mass of the product is in contact with the salt solution while being subjected to the expansion forces of freezing salt water.

Easi-Set’s SoftSound recently successfully passed both the ASTM C672 salt scaling test as well as its Canadian equivalent where a different salt is specified and a modified test method is used. This test completed the battery of tests required for approval of SoftSound in the province of Ontario, and will allow us to proceed with the approval process in the states where salt scaling testing is a requirement.

SoftSound Approval in Ontario, Canada

Easi-Set is continuing its efforts of getting SoftSound approved in the United States and Canadian provinces. This includes submitting test results that vary for each regulatory agency. Easi-Set recently obtained approval from the Province of Ontario, where the requirements to test for were: a Sound Absorption Coefficient of 70% (ASTM C423); Flame Spread and Smoke-Developed Classification (CAN/ULC-S102.2); Freeze-Thaw Resistance (ASTM C666); and Salt Scaling Resistance (Modified ASTM C672).


Smith-Midland hits 1,000,000 sq. ft. milestone for SoftSound Wall

MIDLAND, VA. – Smith-Midland (a SoftSound licensed producer) just completed, the Princess Anne Road sound wall project bringing their total of SoftSound sound absorptive wall installed to over 1 million square feet in just under 4 years. Princess Anne Road was a small, but important project. 8 foot high panels along a residential neighborhood in Virginia Beach, VA were designed and finished to match the brick and mortar work of the nearby VA Beach Municipal Center. Construction of the 650 foot long project consisted of 9,000+ square feet of 8 foot high x 16 foot wide panels and accompanying posts.

The success of Princess Anne Road and previous work has led to the acquisition of another SoftSound project in Virginia Beach. Beginning in the summer of 2012 and running through 2014, SMC will manufacture over 100,000 square feet of SoftSound panels for a 1.5 mile project on the Nimmo Parkway. Special form liners have been developed depicting seashore, farmland, mountain and other signature Virginia landscapes. A successful test of SoftSound aggregate and the new form liner design was performed in early May, 2012.

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SoftSound Noise Barrier Wall Passes Flame Spread Test

MIDLAND, VA. – Easi-Set Worldwide recently announced that its proprietary sound-absorptive noise wall product — SoftSound — passed the “flame spread” test. The test was performed in accordance with ASTM E84 Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials using the 25’ tunnel method. This is just one of a battery of successful environmental tests that have been performed on the SoftSound product to ensure its acceptance by state and provincial authorities. SoftSound has an NRC rating of 0.80, passed the 300+freeze/thaw cycletest, has a minimum MOR (modulus of rupture) of 170psi, an STC of 50 and OITC of 45. In addition, the noise barrier wall product meets salt spray and stain requirements. The SoftSound product is approved for use by both the Commonwealth of Virginia and the state of Maryland and has been installed on major highways in both jurisdictions.

What is SoftSound?

SoftSound is an environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable wood-chip based product that is durable under all weather conditions, and is resistant to rotting, decay, mildew or mold build-up, insect nesting, vermin, termites, and combustion.

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Smith-Midland to Build Soundwall Along Intercounty Connector in Montgomery County $7.8 Million Contract is Largest in Company's 50-Year History

MIDLAND, VA. – Smith-Midland Corporation has been awarded a contract to construct a precast concrete soundwall along the new Intercounty Connector in Montgomery County, Md.

Worth more than $7.8 million, it is the largest contract in the company's 50-year history. The project includes 607,000 square feet of noise barrier panels that will stretch east of MD97 to just west of US29, between Rockville and Silver Spring. The project began in late 2009 and is expected to be completed in January 2011.

“The installation of a precast concrete soundwall along the Intercounty Connector will improve the quality of life for those living nearby, reducing the noise generated by traffic along a major thoroughfare,” said Matthew Smith, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Smith-Midland. “The soundwall combines the unmatched strength and durability of precast concrete with the aesthetic benefit of a variety of finishes resulting in effective sound reduction, security, attractiveness and versatility all at an economical price.”

The project will feature SoftSound, the latest sound-absorptive technology for use in highway noise walls. SoftSound is a proprietary composition that is molded and compressed to suit the desired technical and aesthetic requirements of the customer. By combining special aggregates with cement as a binder in a specific and exacting process, SoftSound creates a material that surpasses any other combination of durability, acoustics, thermal, strength and moldability.

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Introducing the Latest in Sound-Absorptive Technology

MIDLAND, VA. Smith-Midland Corporation has announced the introduction of SoftSound to its Easi-Set Worldwide product line. The latest sound-absorptive technology for use in highway noise walls, SoftSound is a proprietary composition that is molded and compressed to suit the desired technical and aesthetic requirements of the customer. By combining special aggregates with cement as a binder in a specific and exacting process, SoftSound creates a material that surpasses any other combination of durability, acoustics, thermal, strength and moldability.

SoftSound, currently being used in the Commonwealth of Virginia, is a fully-tested, porous, lightweight material averaging 36 pounds per cubic foot. It is durable under all weather conditions, environmentally friendly, and 100% recyclable. It is resistant to rot, decay, mildew and mold buildup, insect nesting, vermin, termites, and combustion.

According to Matthew Smith, VP, Sales and Marketing for Smith-Midland, "SoftSound is our latest technological development, keeping Smith-Midland Corporation/Easi-Set on the leading edge with new products and applications. As a result of our extensive research and development, SoftSound provides customers with one of the most durable sound absorptive concrete products available in the market. We are ready to share this new technology with other precasters worldwide through Easi-Set Worldwide, our licensing subsidiary."

Easi-Set is currently submitting SoftSound for approval in all fifty states, Canadian provinces and Mexico.

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