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Easi-Set’s 31st Building Producers Seminar Posts Record Attendance

MIDLAND, VA – November 13, 2015 - Easi-Set Worldwide announced record attendance for their 31st Building Producers Seminar held November 5-7 at the Airlie Conference Center near Warrenton VA. The host Easi-Set Building Producer for the event was Smith-Midland Corporation of nearby Midland, VA. In attendance at the Thursday evening Awards Banquet were 67 people representing the North American network of Licensed Building Producers and 7 major precast industry suppliers who were participating sponsors for the event.

During the Thursday evening event, Service Awards were presented to StructureCast, Bakersfield, CA (5 years), Shea Concrete, Amesbury, MA (10 years) and Norwalk Concrete, Norwalk, OH (10 years). Companies winning Performance Awards included Smith-Midland (most buildings sold and most restrooms sold), Lonestar Prestress (most Easi-Spans sold and largest building footprint sold), StructureCast (highest average sales), and Oldcastle – Easton (best building photo).

Highlights of the 3-day event included: “roll-out” of the Easi-Set Buildings new web site incorporating the industry’s latest responsive technology software; finalization of nearly 30 pre-engineered standard building/restroom model calculations, production drawing packages and specifications; 6 interactive technical/operations workshops focusing on topics provided by the licensed producers; and as always an opportunity for each licensed producer to share success stories and “lessons learned” with all in attendance.




High Performing Buildings, New Orleans BioInnovation Center


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Fast Installation for New Restroom Building at Fresno State University Stadium

MIDLAND, Va., -- Easi-Set Worldwide project update. An Easi-Set Buildings Restroom recently made the fan-going experience more enjoyable for the Fresno State University soccer and lacrosse teams in Fresno, Calif. This fast-paced installation replaces portable toilets and is part of several amenities added to the Bulldogs’ home field.




When K. Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc., breaks ground on the 278-unit Port Imperial on the Hudson River project this year, the major undertaking will include 42,000 square feet of SlenderWall® architectural precast concrete building panels. Part of the 2-mile-long Port Imperial redevelopment project in West New York, N.J., the 14-story condominium will be constructed by New Jersey's largest homebuilder, K. Hovnanian, the developer of more than 200 active communities nationwide.


SoftSound Helps City of Ottawa Avoid Major Road Closures

SoftSound hwy 417 Design Concrete

Using SoftSound™ sound wall, the Ministry of Transportation achieves its goal of quickly replacing an aging highway sound barrier. When the existing noise barriers on Highway 417 in Ottawa began to show their age, The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) installed 15,000 square feet of absorptive sound wall containing SoftSoundTM to replace the aging structures. Made with superior sound absorptive technology, the precast wall was installed as part of a larger, highway widening and rehabilitation project.



SoftSound Absortive Sound Wall Steals The Show in Ontario

SoftSound hyde park Design Concrete

Featuring superior sound absorptive technology and unsurpassed quality, 45,00 square feet of SoftSound is installed on a year-long road widening project.



SlenderWall Precast Panels Take Center Stage on Three Hotel Projects in New Jersey and Ohio

embassy-suitesSlenderWall play integral role in projects for three worldwide hotel chains.

Midland, VA – November 17th, 2015 – What do the new Hyatt House in Jersey City, N.J., the Holiday Inn Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Oh., and the Embassy Suites in Berkeley Heights, N.J. all have in common? All currently under construction, each of these projects incorporates SlenderWall architectural precast concrete building panels.

Cost effective, durable, and known for its long life span – with no maintenance or failure issues – SlenderWall comes in a wide variety of designs and finishes and provides a viable alternative to traditional EFIS construction for hotel chains.

Recognized for its ability to reduce costs and requirements for elements within the production, delivery, and installation processes, SlenderWall is the industry’s only wall system that incorporates the proven technologies of architectural precast concrete, high-tech PVA fiber and welded wire reinforcement, stainless steel fasteners, heavy gauge galvanized steel studs, and energy code compliant closed-cell foam insulation.

This design isolates the exterior precast cladding from the structural stresses associated with wind loading, steel frame movement, expansion and contraction, and seismic shock.


DNR combats erosion at Little Girl's Point

Beach Prism - Michigan DNR
Photo credit: Richard Jenkins/DailyGlobe

The Beach Prisms installed near the mouth of Oman's Creek at Little Girl's Point Thursday have built-in parabolic curves that break the energy of waves traveling through them, designed to prevent erosion of the section of lakeshore.

October 2, 2015


Ironwood Township - Michigan Department of Natural Resources employees were busy installing new barriers along a section of the Lake Superior shoreline at Little Girl's Point Thursday in an effort to combat erosion near the mouth of Oman's Creek.

The installation of the Beach Prisms - 4-by-10-foot concrete blocks with specially designed holes to allow the movement of water through them - is the first use of the technology in Michigan, according to Bill Doan, district supervisor with the DNR. The technology has traditionally been limited to the Atlantic coast, Doan said.

Doan explained the allowance of water to flow through the structures was a marked difference from the seawalls or rip-rap that is normally installed to combat coastal erosion.

The slots in each block are built with a specific parabolic curve to allow water to flow through the blocks without taking shore sediment with it, according to Regional Sales Manager John R. McKenna, with Smith-Midland, the company that manufactures the Beach Prisms.

"Beach Prisms are designed to dissipate wave energy and stop erosion," McKenna said, explaining the disruption of energy is what prevents the waves from taking sediment off the shoreline. In fact, the design actually allows sediment to be carried onto shore, thereby restoring shoreline damaged by erosion.

The DNR has undertaken eight studies of the section of lakeshore and has been unable to come up with a viable solution to the erosion problem until the decision to install Beach Prisms, Doan said, expressing confidence the new technology would solve the problem.

"I'm pretty confident they are going to do what we think they are going to do," Doan said, adding that the technology could simply be taken elsewhere if it fails to stop the eroding at the Point.

The design traces its roots back to World War II England, McKenna said, when designers studied England's coastal defenses and noticed sand built up in certain areas of the defense works.

This led to the development of a prototype for technology that could be used to prevent erosion, McKenna explained, with the Beach Prisms installed Thursday being the fifth generation of the wartime designs.

The parabolic curves in the design is key, McKenna said, as they allow for the natural ebb and flow of water on calm days and only break the energy of waves during windy periods, alleviating the concerns of any environmental impact beyond the prevention and countering of erosion.

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A Growing Number of State DOTs Approve J-J Hooks MASH-Tested Restrained Precast Safety Barriers for Highway Use

A Favorite Among Highway Engineers and DOTs, J-J Hooks Restrained Barriers Are Now Being Used on Major Roadway and Bridge Projects in More Than 20 U.S. States.

MIDLAND, Va., Sept. 29, 2015 -- Easi-Set Worldwide announces that the MASH-tested J-J Hooks anchored barrier has now been approved by more than 20 state Departments of Transportation with additional approvals anticipated in the near future. AASHTO's MASH document presents uniform federal guidelines for crash-testing permanent and temporary highway safety hardware and recommends evaluation criteria to assess test results.

In Washington, D.C., Balfour Beatty Construction is using 4,000 linear feet of J-J Hooks restrained barriers to seamlessly construct a tunnel over an active highway. According to Glenn Sullivan, Project Engineer, the job finds Balfour Beatty continually changing traffic configurations and adjusting the barrier positioning.

"Using J-J Hooks, we've been able to move the barriers with ease while also increasing production as we move into each new phase of construction," said Sullivan, who anticipates the addition of 2,500 more linear feet of barriers once additional tunnel work commences. "The J-J Hook is our preferred method because it allows for quick alteration of traffic patterns and helps to keep our workers protected out on the road."


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