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Easi-Set Worldwide Successfully Completes 30th Annual Building Producers Seminar


Eassi-Set Worldwide Successfully complete 30th Annual Building Producers Seminar.

Midland, VA – December 17, 2014 – (OTCQB: SMID) – In mid-November, Easi-Set Worldwide, a subsidiary of Smith-Midland Corporation, completed the 30th annual Building Producers Seminar in Bakersfield, CA. Its event was hosted in coordination with StructureCast, a licensed producer of Easi-Set. This Seminar annually brings together licensed building producers throughout North America for three days of intense advertising & marketing reviews, in-depth technical and operational sessions, roundtable discussions, and sponsor/vendor displays. More than fifty people from licensed producers and vendor organizations attended.  

Attendees have the opportunity to share their success stories with the other licensed producers and attend the performance awards banquet, which recognizes accomplishments in the industry over the past year. One attendee noted that nowhere else but through Easi-Set, is there an opportunity to receive such high-caliber expertise and take part in information sharing on such a specific vertical market.



Easi-Set precast products ideal solution for Military Market

Easi-Set's five product offerings can be the answer to meeting the needs of federal, state, local government and military projects.

MIDLAND, Va., March 5, 2015 – (OTCQB: SMID) Easi-Set Worldwide, a subsidiary of the Smith-Midland Corporation (DE) project update. No two projects are ever exactly alike even when using pre-manufactured materials. This statement is magnified when working in the government market, particularly military installations, because each job presents a different set of requirements. Budget, scheduling, security, standards and protocols typically are more regimented when working with the government. All these conditions can be accommodated by Easi-Set Worldwide’s precast concrete product lines.

“Government officials often turn to us for military projects due to the ease of purchasing pre-engineered, pre-designed, precast concrete buildings,” says Jeremy Smith, building product manager with Easi-Set Worldwide. “The design and construction process is simplified, allowing projects to go to bid more quickly. Delivery and installation typically happen in the same day. This is really important on military bases and government sites so officials do not have contractors on site for days creating security issues. In addition, this entire process from specification through installation is very cost-effective."

Easi-Set's five product offerings can be the answer to many military site needs. The company’s Beach Prism barriers have helped with beach erosion control, and J-J Hooks anchored barriers have provided security for large events. SlenderWall has been used to construct large office buildings, and the company’s Easi-Set Buildings have been the solution to create ammunition storage and hazardous material storage buildings, electrical units, restrooms and training facilities.


The Word Is Out: Precast Concrete Buildings are the Solution for your next Water or Wastewater project

SMC Marsh Run Pump House edited
It is not a secret that the water and wastewater industry often utilizes pre-engineered concrete buildings for its treatment, pumping and filtration needs. What should not be kept underground any longer are the vast number of advantages precast concrete buildings truly offer, particularly from an industry leader like Easi-Set Buildings.

This month, a planned community in Bealeton, Va., can admire its new Easi-Set Building while no longer worrying about its water quality. The manufactured home community recently learned that its well water had high arsenic levels, so a water filtration system housed in an Easi-Set Building was installed. The local Easi-Set licensed producing plant Smith-Midland Virginia manufactured and installed the 20’ x 30’ Easi-Span Precast Building. General contractor Sydnor Hydro Inc., Richmond, Va., selected Smith-Midland because of a long working history.

"We have worked with Smith-Midland many times over the years," said John Beckstoffer with Sydnor Hydro. "They are quick, efficient and hold to their schedule."

The initial building installation was completed in less than two days during December 2014, and pipe installation and filtration connections took place over the next few weeks. The building stores four filters connected to two wells. According to George Sharikas, sales manager with Smith-Midland, pre-designed features and the quick installation time led to selecting the Easi-Set Building.


Over Seven Miles Of J-J Hooks Barriers Installed On Kentucky Highways To Reduce Accidents


MIDLAND, Va., February 3, 2015 – Over seven miles of J-J Hooks barriers are currently being installed on Interstate 65 in the Kentucky counties of Hardin, Hart, and LaRue. The Kentucky Department of Transportation highway job, which contains over 2,000 precast concrete barrier pieces, was contracted to Scotty’s Contracting & Stone, LLC.

To meet an ambitious project schedule, Scotty’s had to install over a mile of barrier every two weeks. This required that Oldcastle Precast cast 30 pieces daily, with an additional 15 pieces on Saturday, to reliably deliver 1.25 miles of product every other week.

Michelle Powell, Sales Representative at Oldcastle Precast, says the time-sensitive project was undertaken to cut down on the abundance of accidents and vehicle cross-overs that have occurred on that section of I-65 recently. “Over the last few years the DOT has been trying to widen the 4-lane highway into a 6-lane thoroughfare,” said Powell. “As part of that project, the department is installing a temporary barrier to manage traffic.”


Montreal’s Griffix: SlenderWall Makes a Clean, Contemporary Mark for Expanding Skyline

The Griffix Montreal, Canada


Details: 50,000 s.f. of SlenderWall System Panels (380 panels)
Finish: Sandblasted
Architect: Geiger Huot Architects, Montreal, Canada
Owner: Diamond Trust / Investissement Poirier
Contractor: Giffels Westpro

Urban revitalization is a major trend throughout North America, and although each individual development brings its own specific obstacles, certain challenges are more universal. How can a new building respect the past of the existing neighborhood while also looking to the future? How can it be constructed with the newest green building technologies and the most desired amenities at a reasonable cost? With the aid of SlenderWall, the Griffix condominium project in Montreal offers a compelling answer to these increasingly pertinent questions.

The Griffix reaches 20 stories above the corner of Peel and Wellington Streets in the Griffintown neighborhood and houses 175 units of between 545 and 1,245 square feet, as well as commercial space on the ground floor. The building, constructed atop the location’s original one-story brick building, has a clean, contemporary finish façade. A variety of benefits led the project team to consider and employ SlenderWall for this major project. Among those was the high R-value of the cladding and its relatively lightweight, easy-to-assembly nature. SlenderWall’s hybrid construction – a lightweight 2 inch-thick precast panel fixed to a heavy-gauge steel frame – provides both the exterior insulated envelope and an interior stud wall ready to receive gypsum board.

SlenderWall’s weight advantages over traditional precast panels -- 28 lbs. per square foot versus close to 85 lbs. per square foot – also made it an ideal specification. For example, the contractors could use smaller, lower-cost construction equipment and build the structural frame with smaller members. This helped reduce steel tonnage and associated first costs as well as contribute to lower construction-phase expenses for the owner. In addition, the ability of the system to be pre-manufactured off-site also helped boost the speed of construction scheduling. This proved critical for the developer, who could get the condominiums on the market before competitors in this rapidly changing neighborhood.


American Infrastructure – 2014 Best Infrastructure Products

AI products of the year

Groundswell of state approvals for SoftSound sound absorptive wall product continues to build


Ohio becomes the most recent state to approve the use of SoftSound™ absorptive noise wall panels on highways and roads.

SoftSound™, Easi-Set Worldwide’s sound-absorptive, noise wall product, is gaining both state and provincial approvals as the product becomes more widely known for its unique qualities and ease of use.



Water and Waste Digest – Products Showcase


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Fort A. P. Hill Undergoes Major Infrastructural Update, Replacing 17 Aging Restrooms with Precast Concrete Buildings

Durable Easi-Set Buildings will provide nearly maintenance free service for over 50 years.

Bowling Green, VA – Smith-Midland Corporation (OTCQB: SMID) As an active military installation, which hosts all branches of the military and even foreign allies for training exercises, Fort A.P. Hill needs to have a solid infrastructure. With many of the bases’ latrines in a state of disrepair their wastewater management vendor, American Water Operations, tapped Smith-Midland to replace nearly all of the facilities with Easi-Set precast concrete restrooms.

Fort A.P. Hill provides state-of-the-art training facilities focused on providing realistic joint and combined arms training. Considering the importance of the facility and the exposure it receives, every detail, including operational and aesthetically pleasing restrooms, is important.

“Many of the buildings we are replacing were run down, and in a complete state of disrepair. The Easi-Set Buildings we are installing are rated for 50+ years of use,” said George Sharikas, Smith-Midland Sales Representative. “This will be a major improvement over their current setup. These Easi-Set restrooms will provide our troops with sturdy, long-lasting facilities while they train.”


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